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26 Business Ideas for Writers

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If you have good writing skills, that can be the base for a successful business. There are many industries and niches that require strong writers. Consider the following ideas for writers if you’re looking to start your own business.

Why You Should Use Your Writing Skills to Start a Business

If you’re looking for a way to put your good writing skills to use, here are some reasons to consider business ownership:

  • Work from anywhere: Writing can often be done virtually. So you can connect with companies around the world or even travel while running your business.
  • Enjoy time flexibility: Even if you stay in the same location, you can generally make your own schedule.
  • Share your expertise: There are tons of ways to help others through your writing, from marketing other businesses to helping job seekers or university students with their resumes.
  • Grow a marketable skill: Since writing translates to so many industries and careers, starting a small business can be a great way to try something new. Then you can grow your business or pivot if you want to try a new career path.

Profitable Business Ideas for Writers

If you’re ready to turn your writing skills into a new venture, here are some of the most profitable business ideas for writers.

1. Freelance Writing

A freelance writer can work for various publications or companies on a contract basis. You simply offer your writing services on a per-project basis and set up a freelance business to get paid as an independent contractor.

2. Social Media Marketing Business

Start your own business writing social media posts for small business owners.

3. Business Proposal Writing

Business proposals are documents that businesses use to try and gain new business. Offer your services to local businesses looking to outsource this step.

4. Publishing Company

Start your own publication online or in print. You can even work with other writers to publish a variety of content under one brand.

5. Writing Workshop Business

As a writing workshop teacher, you can offer workshops that dive into various writing skills. Some may focus on professional skills like copywriting, while others may go into fiction writing.

6. Start a Blog

Starting your own blog is an ideal business idea to make passive income through advertising or affiliate links. You can also be a freelance blogger that writes for other blogs and websites.

7. Business Plan Writing Business

Help new entrepreneurs get their ideas and steps on paper as a business plan writer for hire.

8. Creative Writing Business

As a creative writer, you may publish books of your work or offer your creative writing work online and earn money through advertising.

9. Advertising Campaign Development

Advertising requires strong writers to consider everything from snappy headlines to search engine optimization. If you’re a successful copywriter, offer your services to online businesses.

10. Song Writer

Work with musicians to create songs or release your own tracks through a label or your own YouTube channel and social media accounts.

11. Self-Publish Ebooks

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, online platforms like Amazon allow you to self-publish your own work in ebooks.

12. Market Research Service

If you have research skills, offer your services to small businesses, creating well-written summaries of your findings.

13. Ghostwriting Business

Authors and entrepreneurs often hire ghostwriters to create their content. Your work would be published under another name, but you’d be paid for your writing abilities.

14. Newsletter Business

Start a newsletter that people can sign up for via email. Often, this is a free weekly newsletter that simply includes affiliate links, ads, or links to merchandise that supports your business.

15. Content Marketing Service

Help small businesses create digital content in various forms, from website copy to social media posts.

16. PR Company

You can also specialize in press releases, which are generally sent to publications to gain attention for a company or its products or services.

17. Resume and Cover Letter Service

Help people looking to enter the job market create well-written resumes and cover letters.

18. Speech Writer

Work with politicians, entrepreneurs, or speakers to create speeches that they can deliver verbally.

19. Online Writing Courses

Create courses that people who enjoy writing can take to hone their skills. For example, you may teach techniques for making money through writing or turning an idea into a novel.

20. Podcaster

Podcasts are audio, but they usually require writing during the planning stages. Start your own, or work with podcasters to create scripts or outlines.

21. Social Media Influencer

Start your own social media influencing business by creating and promoting your own accounts. Then, you can work with brands for sponsored campaigns. This type of business often requires well-written captions along with strong photos and design skills.

22. Travel Writer

If you especially love travel, start a travel blog or freelance for online publications that focus on this niche. This can be especially lucrative for those who live near travel destinations that are in high demand by consumers.

23. Comic Book Writer

Comic books require strong stories and snappy writing, along with quality illustrations. Many writers handle both the story and visuals, but you could also partner with an illustrator if that simplifies the process.

24. Technical Writer

A technical writing business focuses on a specific area of expertise. For example, you may be a professional writer with a law background who can write legal disclaimers. There are also technical writers who can write instructions or safety guides for specific types of processes or equipment.

25. Screenwriter

Turn your words into compelling stories with a screenwriting business. This specialty used to require partnering with large film studios. But today, you can transform scripts into web series or independent films.

26. Author

Though self-publishing is extremely popular, there are still traditional publishers that can help authors get books to a wide audience. This involves submitting proposals and meeting with multiple publishing houses.

Start Your Writing Business Today

If you’re a good writer, there’s no shortage of business ideas available to you. In fact, many startups and self-employed businesses require strong communication skills. Browse the list above to find the perfect writing business idea for you.


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